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Your specialist in roofing!

KAMILDAK B.V. has been a leading player in the roofing industry since 2010, specialising in roofing for industrial buildings. We are active in both new construction projects and renovation of existing buildings. Our services extend all over Europe.

In the early years of our company, we started laying 10,000 m² of roofing per year. In the following years, we experienced tremendous and dynamic growth. As of 2019, we already have more than 1,200,000 m² of installed roofing! In 2021, this impressive number even reached 2,400,000 m²! The skills and positive references of the team at KAMILDAK B.V. grow year after year, but quality and dedication remain at the highest level from the beginning.

since 2010

Skilled roofers, guaranteed quality

Through regular training and education of our employees on the latest developments in the roofing industry, we maintain the quality of our services at the highest level.


The completed projects are regularly checked by our experienced management team with relevant experience and knowledge. In addition, any issues are discussed with the contractors on an ongoing basis. Special arrangements and client wishes are also closely monitored by our site managers, whose job it is to oversee that everything proceeds as agreed.

Our team



Kamil Mazurkiewicz


Iwona Mazurkiewicz



Passion & mutual respect

The employees of KAMILDAK B.V. are fully committed to providing an excellent service and a professional approach as a team every day. Whether they are on the roof or in the office, every department works with great passion every day!

What makes KAMILDAK B.V. so good? We work in a friendly atmosphere, based on mutual respect. That is why we help each other and stand up for each other.

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SCC** Certificate

SCC stands for: Safety, Health and Environment Checklist Contractors.
The SCC** certificate indicates that we control the necessary safety, health and environmental activities on the work floor, including policy, structure and planning.

Safety, health and environment on the work floor

The employees of KAMILDAK B.V. are also professionally trained and in possession of B-SCC or SOS-SCC. A large number of employees also have an Emergency Response certificate.
For all our projects we have the necessary safety equipment in accordance with the SCC** requirements.

By holding a monthly Toolbox meeting, the relevant employees are kept informed of various safety topics and ensure safety at work. The site managers check daily that everyone is complying with the applicable safety regulations. This also includes the separation of waste.