Roof repair

At Kamil Dak we are specialized in industrial roofs. Our roofers provide large
surface roofs of roofing material. You can think of distribution centers, logistic
halls and storerooms. In addition to our service of roofing new industrial roofs
and maintaining them, we also offer roof repairs. On this page we give you more
information on roof repairs.

How does roof damage occur?

Industrial roofs are often characterized by flat roofs. Simply because these buildings
are designed for functionality and a slope in the roof would be a waste of space. Of
course, these flat roofs can also be damaged. We’ll explain howsuch damage may occur,
ultimately necessitating a roof repair.


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Incorrect assembly or maintenance

If the roof decks are not carried out properly, due to wrong choice of material, incompetent advice or poor design this can cause problems over time. It can
ultimately lead to leaks and shorten the life of the roof.

If the roof has not been laid properly by the roofers, this can lead to leaks and problems. The improper maintenance of the roof can eventually lead to a result in roof repair. With good maintenance, leaks will be traced early and fixed, which will result in no final repairs. Also the regular cleaning of the roof is part of the maintenance aspect, and should therefore be carried out on a regular basis.

Also sloppiness while carrying out work on the roof, can cause damage. Here you can think of dealing incorrectly with sharp and heavy tools. Or standing unnoticed on something like a screw. This can cause small holes and cracks, which in turn can eventually cause major damage, causing a roof repair.

Other factors

In addition to these factors, clogged drainage and storms can also cause such damage. In addition, the shrinkage and expansion due to temperature change and aging plays a role in the lifespan of your roof.

Why do you have to have the roof repair done by Kamil Dak?

Kamil Dak has been specializing as a roofing company for industrial roofs since 2010. This includes both new construction, as well as renovation and roof repairs. We do this all over Europe. In 2019, our roofers will have more than 1,200,000 m2 of plastic roof covering applied. Here we have grown as a team and a company, but
our quality and commitment have remained unchanged.

So at Kamil Dak we offer roofing and renovation. In addition, we also offer service
and maintenance. With this service and maintenance, roof damage can be prevented and the lifespan of the roof will increase.

Our skilled roofers stand on roofs every day to carry out inspections and to get rid of dirt, to prevent clogging. When our people see minor problems during the inspection, these will be repaired immediately and free of charge. So these problems can not cause any major problems in the longer term.

By concluding a maintenance contract with Kamil Dak, wishes can also be fulfilled and discussed, such as a 24 or 12 hour service in case of calamities. So you are always insured of a good roof.


Is there any damage in your case and does a roof repair need to be carried out? Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you.